Thursday, May 8, 2008

Headshot-As Above So Below-2008-BERC

Genre: Thrash
Origin: Germany (Braunschweig)
Street: 30.05.2008 (Germany)
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Origin: Norway (Kristiansand)
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
Street: 30. Mai 2008 (Germany)
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Street Date: 2008-06-23
Label: Century Media
Country: Belgium
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Goregrind
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Berc has released this Folk-Black Metal record by the norwegian band Sorgsvart.
It´s gonna be out on May 17th, 2008 via Einheit Productions.

For Black Metal heads it's maybe worth a listen.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


A promotional version of the new record by swedish power metal hopefuls Sabaton, called The Art Of War, has been leaked by -ube today.
If you like power metal this might be the perfect album for you.

The album´s gonna be out on May 30th, 2008 via Black Lodge Records.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Amrc give us a promotional version of the recent Divinefire record called Farewell. The swedish band combines power metal and gothenburg/ melodic death metal. Unlike Mercenary who also combine these two genres Divinefire create a more melodic and less progressive sound.

If you dig their sound go and buy the album ;)

  • Label: Rivel Records
  • Date: May, 2008


Some random group has released the debut record of Dutch Death Metal hopefuls Hail of Bullets, entitled ...Of Frost and War. The Band consists of members from several infamous Dutch Death Metal bands (like Pestilence, Asphyx, Thanatos or Gorefest). They´ve created a concept album about the "Operation Barbarossa", the offensive of Nazi Germany against Sowjet Russia in 1941 - 1945, and the struggle of the Russian army against the Nazi invaders (e.g. in the battle of Stalingrad).
Musicwise we get a mixture of swedish Death Metal Bands like Dismember and more doomy, mid-tempo, parts of Asphyx making ...Of Frost and War a very consistent and raw old school Death Metal record.

If you dig this sound and like historical concepts, as much as I do, you´ll have to get hands on this record.

  • Label: Metalblade Records
  • Date: May 19th, 2008