Wednesday, June 25, 2008


"A collection of all the covers recorded by HammerFall to date plus three new,
unreleased ones."
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Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Origin: Sweden (Gothenburg)
Label: Nuclear Blast
Length: xx:xx mins
Nfo: __RELNAME__
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Missed to post this, it's some days older now, however, Austrian Death Machine is the new band of 'As I Lay Dying' Vocalist Tim Lambesis. It's a bit harder then 'AILD', but what really is annoying on this record are the dull nonsense trash talk skits that are present on alot of Tracks. Drab Metalcore on the rest of the record, which isn't that superior, either...
However, some Guitarsolo's have pleased me, so if you are in lust for some Metalcore or are a big 'Lay Dying' Fan, get it, otherwise, I wouldn't recommend you to do so.
Genre: Metalcore / Hardcore
Origin: San Marcos, CA
Label: MetalBlade
Street: July, 22nd
Length: 38:35 mins
Nfo: Austrian_Death_Machine-Total_Brutal-(Advance)-2008-FNT
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"This killer six piece have played shows across the UK with the likes of SKINDRED, SIKTH, BRING ME THE HORIZON, ARCHITECTS and CULT OF LUNA, as well as full UK tours with ENTER SHIKARI, EXIT TEN and DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL, which has helped garner them further shows with the likes of TEXTURES and AKERCOCKE."

Sounds kind of interesting to me, even though I've only listened to the myspace tracks so far. Should give 'em a try if you are not averse to Metalcore.
Genre: Progressive / Hardcore / Metalcore
Origin: UK (Milton Keynes)
Label: Basick
Street: 30-6-2008
Length: 48:03 mins
Nfo: Fellsilent-The_Hidden_Words-2008-KzT
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Some Death / Grind, not that spectacular. Genrefans may want to have a look. "Neuraxis (nü-rak'sis): The axial, unpaired part of the central nervous system in contrast to the paired cerebral hemisphere."
Genre: Melo Death / Grind
Origin: Canada (Montréal, Quebec)
Label: Prosthetic Records
Street: 22, July
Nfo: Neuraxis-The_Thin_Line_Between-(Advance)-2008-FNT
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Second band from Italy, some heavier tunes this time. No must have, but a
solid record with some nice Guitar-Solo's.
"A right mix of powerful Death Metal and killer Thrash Metal.
Their sound can be defined Apokalyptic Thrash Death that starting from the
destructive influences of bands like Gorefest, Testament, Destruction add new
elements typical of the US modern Death Metal scene."
Genre: Tech Death/Thrash
Origin: Italy (Caserta, Campania)
Label: Unknown
Street: 21, may
Length: 31:44 mins
Nfo: Inallsenses-The_Experience-2008-RTB
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Intensity of this band is just amazing. They play some Epic Prog and are considered
as the inventors of this genre.
Songs are quite long. 6 Tracks with a playtime of over 60 minutes. But no, it's not
repetitive. Just two words: Get it!
Genre: Prog/Epic/Doom/Heavy Metal
Origin: Ita (Piombino (Livorno))
Label: My Graveyard Productions
Street: 6, June
Length: 1h 08mins
Nfo: Dark_Quarterer-Symbols-2008-RTB
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