Saturday, April 12, 2008


-Kzt gives us an advanced version of the new 36 Crazyfists record The Tide and It´s Takers.
As expected, the band has now changed their sound from nu metal ( on most of their earlier releases) to metalcore.
Well ye, and that´s about it. Nothing much to say about this album; except for: If you dig Metalcore go cop, if not avoid at all cost ( . . . ) !


Qtxmp3 comes up with a promotional version of the second "Blackwinds" (yea it´s tagged wrong^^) - record called Flesh Inferno. Consisting of members from a couple of illustrious swedish black metal bands ( Setherial, In Battle and Blot Mine) the band supplies us with a good portion of melodic, but yet harsh, Black Metal.
Fans of 90´s scandinavian Black Metal might wanna listen to this album; the track they´ve postet on their myspace profile sounds promising.

Edit: I´m sorry guys there´s no cover available atm..

Friday, April 11, 2008


Distorted is a progressive death metal band from Bat Yam in Israel, signed to Candlelight Records.

Special about them is that they have a female lead-singer.

Sounds actually not too bad, think about 'Opeth', 'Nevermore', 'Dead Old Tree' or 'Orphaned Land' with a bit Gothic influence.

Streetday 4 days ago. Seems like a fine retail.

MySpace: Here!
Wiki: Here!
MetalArchives: Here!


Porcupine Tree is an experimental/ progressive/ psychedelic rock band from UK.
Their classic masterpiece 'Lightbulb Sun', originally released in the year 2000, is now available in a brand new edition.
The album contains the original studio versions of Porcupines classics and has been lavishly revamped into a definitive 2 disc set. Disc one is a CD containing a pristine remix / remaster of the album, while disc two is a DVDA containing the album remixed into 5.1 surround sound (in DVDA and DTS versions), as well as a 24 bit high resolution version of the stereo mix and the original 2000 mix/master. Also included are 5.1 mixes of bonus tracks Disappear, Buying New Soul, and Cure for Optimism, which were recorded during the same sessions. This is the definitive version of one of the essential albums in the Porcupine Tree catalogue.

The Bonus tracks have been separately released today as

In Stores 21, april, but you can get it already in the PT shop.

Official: Here!
MySpace: Here!

/edit: Porcupine_Tree-Lightbulb_Sun-Bonus_CD-(TRANS8.1)-2008-pyt
was released some days after the release of Lightbulb remastered. It includes two new tracks
from the recordings of Lightbulb sun.


ONe gave us an early Promo of the new Live-Album 'An Ode to Woe' from Gothic Death/Doom Metal band 'My Dying Bride', released via Peaceville Records. Streetdate is 28, april.

They Played some tracks from the latest album 'A line of deathless kings
', like 'To Remain Tombless', 'The Whore, The Cook & The Mother' or 'Raven Wings' and some older ones, too.
The track 'The Forever People' can be found on the bonus dvd and is included in this promo, too. 83:39 mins playtime awaits you.

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The song that really caught my attention on this Sampler was the track 'on ancient ground' from the upcoming album 'Payment of Existence' from Progressive/Power Metal Band 'Communic'.
It's an edited version, but as the album won't hit stores before 30. may, it's a good chance to listen to it now.

Other tracks on this record are testament - more than meets the eye, in flames - alias, warrel dane - messenger, the hellcopters - in the sign of the octopus, circle 2 circle - fatal warning, deicide - in the eyes of god, my uncle the wolf - march of the hung (edit), firewind - mercenary man, headhunter - silverskull, grave - bloodpath, emil bulls - to end all wars, viron - on the run (edit), x world 5 - cyber christ and tri star corner - back home


SGV released a pretty good Metalcore record today.
I have to admit, I didn't know this band yet, but the
Tracks on Myspace sounds pretty good.
Cover artworks are also great. Good that SGV scanned
them for us :)

It's no must-have, but if you running low on new things
to hear, might want to get your hands on this one.

Streetdate was 27, march.
Label: Thirty Days Of Night

MySpace: Here!
Wiki: Here!

/edit: Azriel-A_Will_Of_Fire-(Trackfix)-2008-SGV is now out, they fixed a skip in track2!


Yep, this isn't the right cover .. couldn't find one for the new record.
I'll replace it as soon as I have it. Bad that HDP didn't include one,
oh wait, I forgot, they couldn't because they reencoded this.

It's not even listed @ amazon .. I think this is a Promo or Advance,
but never ever the retail as HDP tagged it. Maybe even they didn't
know what the source was.

Streetdate is 24. june(!) 2008.

Carnifex is an american Deathcore Band signed to Victory Records by the way.

Playtime: 33:45 mins
MySpace: Here!

/edit: This release sounds like shit! Don't even bother getting this, unless you are a fan of this
band. Volume was put down by -10dB, dunno why the fuck someone would do this.. Be sure
to turn your speakers flat out loud.


Nice Sampler brought to us by CMG (good to have these guys back, missed their metal rels the
last weeks), it's a lable sampler from relapse. Bands like Disfear, Kingdom of Sorrow, Dillinger
Escape Plan, Baroness, Genghis Tron, Pig Destroyer, Unearthly Trance, High on Fire, Coliseum,
Origin, Cephalic Carnage, Alchemist and Jucifer. No exclusive tracks as far as I can see, so just
grab this if you are not common with one of those bands.


The Legend of Medusa, a double best-of collection from 'Stormlord', was released on February 22 through Scarlet Records.

Stormlord is an Epic-Black-Metal band from rome, italy.
They have released 3 studio albums so far, I think most of their
hits should be on this 2 cd disk set, so grab it if you miss one of
those albums.

Let's hope this is the last best-of for a while, I'm tired
of listening to old songs I already know..

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Official: Here!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Qtxmp3 have released a best-of record of Denmark´s finest "Panzerchrist". It is called Himmelfahtskommando , which might be translated to "suicide squad" (but hey, why not using another stupid german idiom instead...? ).
The band has composed 18 songs that reflect their previous work pretty well; and even added 3 new, unreleased tracks as a bonus.
All you Death / Black Metal fans make sure to get hands on this record, especially if you are not familiar with this band.


Woah, what a long releasename..
Tobias_Sammets_Avantasia -
(Gold_Edition)-2CD-2008-LzY (put those spaces between so that it fits in this post..) was released few minutes ago, and it seems like this is a must
have for all Tobias Sammet (Edguy) fans out there.
The gold-box includes the first 2 Avantasia CDs "The Metal Opera Pt.1" and "The Metal Opera Pt.2", packaged in a luxury Digibook with golden 2-CDs,
40-sided Booklet, linernotes, unreleased pics and bonus material. Albeit most of this stuff isn't included, LzY at least included a nice scan of the gold box in this release.

MySpace: Here!


Noname group -oNLe (i've never ever heared of 'em..) gave us an interesting Bootleg from polish Black-Metallers 'Sghor' today.
There are no lyrics on this record, which makes me wonder why
the release notes in the .nfo are written in polish..
This has been shared through the p2p networks some weeks ago,
now we have the scene rip of this mixture between Ambient and
Instrumental Black-Metal.
The size of this rip is about 20 mb smaller then the p2p rip, but the
sound quality is okay. According to EncSpot, the rip is scenevalid.

This isn't a must have, but if you are in the mood for such genre-mix, it's worth a listen.

Playtime: 41:23 mins
Streetdate: Already Out!
Lable: Dunno
MySpace: Here!
Official: Here!


Swedens Death-Metal legends 'Grave' are back with their 8th
full-length studio album 'Dominion VIII', released through Relapse.

No Voice-Over's or anything else annoying on this promo, seems
like a nice strike from GRW.

Streetdate: 21. april 2008
Playtime: 44:08 mins

MySpace: Here!
Website: Here!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


'Death Angel' fans watch out, the Bonus DVD that's included in the Digipak of the latest Album 'Killing Season' from these Thrash-Metal
Legends is now released.

52 minutes playtime awaits you, all the tracks are from a live show in strasbourg from 2003.

MySpace: Here!


FNT came up with the new 2CD record by Post-Hardcore /
Alternative / Experimental Rock band 'Thrice'.

What we have here is the follow-up of 'Alchemy Index I and II' from
2007, which was really a Hit.

Didn't even know that Vol. III / IV have already been recorded,
streetdate is scheduled for 18. april, btw.

If this is as good as it's predecessor, we have something good
to listen to the next days :)

Only thing that's odd is the really short playtime. 45 minutes for a 2CD release? Oh common',
that would have fit on one CD.. Anyway, let's hope that the sound is alright.

MySpace: Here!


QTX gave us a Promo of a new Best-Of Album from Melo Death/
Folk Metal band Suidakra.

Nothing that special, get it if you don't have all the regular
studio-releases, or if you want the Tracks ripped with the newest
lame version.

For the complete Package, grab Suidakra..Promo-DVD-2008-QTXMp3, too.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


There wasn't really that much to post today, otherwise I maybe
hadn't post this, let's face it, this isn't the release of the year,
but hey, it's a solid Death/Grind record, anyway.

If you like the Genre, this might be a fun 38-minutes-ride for you, if you can't stand Grindcore, this record won't change it.

Streetdate is scheduled for 16 may 2008.

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Monday, April 7, 2008


-AMRC strike two! This time they give us a promotional version of the new Kings X record, simply entitled "XV". Though it´s not the 15th full length release ( in fact it is the 12th, so i don´t really get this title...), it is a pretty decent one.
Of course, Kings X does not "reinvent the wheel" ( gosh what a stereotypical idiom ^^) in Heavy Metal and Rock but fans know what they get; and what they´re getting is good on "XV".
Its pure "Heavy Rock" with a slight progressive touch to it.
Yup, even after 28 years of band history these vets are not weary at all.


The Aggressive Music Ripping Crew provides us with a promotional version of the new "Soilent Green" record Inevitable Collapse In the Presence of Conviction. Soilent Green cann be seen as a "super-group" in the sludge metal genre consisting of members from Crowbar and EyehateGod, the originators of Sludge.
So What can you expect from this album?
Plain and simple; it´s a good mixture between Death- and Slugde Metal. Though, it is not that innovative, it is still a solid record which fans of these genres will surely enjoy.

The only pretty bad thing that needs to be mentioned is the horrible cover artwork...

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Couldn't really find much info about this Experimental Noise/Metal band, except that it was originally a composition by Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved), Maja S. K. Ratkje and Hils Sofie Tafjord (Fe-mail), commissioned by Rikskonsertene for a concert series.
The line-up was completed by Grutle Kjellson, Ice Dale (Enslaved), Iver Sandøy (Emmerhoff) and Espen Lien.
After some work together, the composition turned into a project
and after some touring they became a full-fledged band.

It's indeed something unique and in my opinion it's worth a listen.

Playtime: 47:14 mins
Streetdate: April, 14
MySpace: Here


TRVE gave us an early version of the new EP by Finnish folk/pagan metal band 'Moonsorrow'. Considering that streetdate is 30. april, they didn't even include a coverscan or proof.
It's same in size and bitrate as the p2p version that was floating
around some days ago, as well.
I assume that TRVE stole it, because they often used to trick us in
the past and still have alot of 'reencode' nukes in there groupstats. Let's all hope that I'm wrong, cause this EP is really good.
68 mins playtime is also pretty much for a small 5 track CD.
All of you who liked the long song playtimes from the previous
album will be excited, because the first track is another hot 30 minute track ;)
Rest of the EP is quite standard, covertrack from 'Merciless' and 'Metallica' and 2008 versions
of 'Taistelu Pohjolasta' and 'Hvergelmir'.

Myspace: Here