Friday, October 17, 2008


Finally the new record by Taake has been released by -berc, and it´s simply entitled Taake. I hope the band is abled to keep up with the high-quality standards of their previous releases! Their last EPs couldn´t convince me at all. So let´s hope for the best.
Black Metal fans you´ll surely need to own this record.

and btw: if you buy the LP which is gonna be released in '09 you´ll become even more evil ;)
Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Bergen, Norway (hell yeah)
Label: Svartekunst Productions (their own label)
Street: LP in 2009
Release: October 17th, 2008
Length: 46:26 mins
Nfo: Taake-Taake-2008-BERC
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Thursday, October 16, 2008


First Live album from Behemoth. Some good tracks on it and the quality is pretty decent. I wished they would have played more from 'The Apostasy' and not only 5 tracks, as this release is even tagged (Live_Apostasy) , but that's okay as the rest of the tracks are awesome, too.
Hopefully, the three live tracks on Behemoth's upcoming EP Ezkaton aren't the same as on this source.

"The CD will be available as digibook (15 tracks) and metalbox (including a
patch, a guitar pick and bonus songs)".
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Origin: Poland (GdaƱsk)
Label: Regain Records/Century Media
Street: October 2008
Release: 16.10.08
Length: 65:26 mins
Nfo: Behemoth-At_The_Arena_Ov_Aion_Live_Apostasy-Promo-2008-GRAVEWISH
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Death - Remastered-2008-BERC

Four timeless classics from "Death" had been re-released in remastered form. The sticker on the cover tells us that this is a "die-hard fan release", no idea what that means, I don't think you have to be a die-hard Death fan just to own these. As the Masterpieces they are, they belong into everyone's cd-rack.
Genre: Death Metal (early), Death / Progressive Metal (later)
Label: Nuclear Blast / Century (Remastered)
Release: 11.10.08
Nfo: Death-Scream_Bloody_Gore-Remastered-2008-BERC
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"Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Chaos Divines signature is very much what the name suggests - a blaze of thick riffage with a brick wall-sized sound that at times spirals into hypnotic melodies. Drawing on influences from a
vast array of metal bands such as Opeth, Arch Enemy, Dream Theater, Meshuggah ,Tool, Katatonia, Scar Symmetry and Soilwork, this quintet forges brutal polyrhythmic metal and ambient contemporary rock music into a uniquely turbulent sonic alloy."
Genre: Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Australia (Perth, Western Australia)
Label: Firestarter Distribution
Street: September 12th, 2008
Release: 13.10.08
Length: 49:55 mins
Nfo: Chaos_Divine-Avalon-2008-GRAVEWISH
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Monday, October 13, 2008


"There are three versions of the album, the regular CD with the tracklist below and the artwork shown on the left, a Digipack with the same artwork and one bonus track (12. The Brave / Agony Applause - Acoustic Live Version), and a box limited to 1000 copies with the artwork shown on the right, one more bonus track (13. Martyr To Spam - Planetakis vs. Deadlock DJ Morgoth Remixxx), and a few other extras"
Genre: Dark Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Germany (Schwarzenfeld, Bavaria)
Label: Lifeforce Records
Street: November 17th, 2008
Release: 13.10.08
Length: 46:39 mins
Nfo: Deadlock-Manifesto-Promo-2008-GRAVEWISH
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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yngwie's looking like a primate on the cover (click to enlarge). Maybe he just look so pissed because his left hand is burning, who knows, but that's okay for me, as his guitar skills are fine as ever. Only obstacle for me to actually enjoy this kind of music is that I just can't stand this guy. I've added the wiki link this time, in case you have no clue who he is. Visit the MySpace for some older Tracks.
From the Nfo:

"12 tracks of pure six-string metallic bliss (which stretches to almost 70 minutes total), the album was produced and engineered by Yngwie himself, and mixed by Roy Z (who has previously worked with Judas Priest and Bruce Dickinson, among others). Joining Yngwie and Ripper on the album is keyboardist Derek Sherinian and drummer Patrick Johansson (Yngwie contributed bass, additional keyboards, and vocals, as well), but on tour, Michael Troy will supply keyboards, and Bjorn Englen will be laying down the bass."
Genre: Neoclassical Power Metal/Shred
Origin: Sweden (Stockholm)
Label: Sony / Epic (USA) / SPV (Europe) / Rising Force
Street: October 13th, 2008
Release: 11.10.08
Length: 68:55 mins
Nfo: Yngwie_Malmsteens_Rising_Force-Perpetual_Flame-2008-BERC
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New Candlemass EP. It packs 2 completely new songs and a whole lot of live material taken from a concert in Athens in 2007. Technically it´s a live album in my opinion, but the new tracks are a very nice gimmick and shorten the wait for their new full length album.
Doom-Fans go buy this one :)
Genre: Doom
Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast
Street: it´s out!
Release: October 11th, 2008
Length: 71:43mins
Nfo: Candlemass-Lucifer_Rising-2008-BERC
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