Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here's the new Lamb Of God called "Wrath". Nothing more to say because you either love LoG or don't. If you enjoy that type of music feel free to support.
Genre: Groove Metal, Metalcore
Origin: Richmond, VA, United States
Label: Roadrunner Records
Street: It's out
Length: 55:20 mins
Lamb_Of_God-Wrath-2009-iSTHiSAFAKE Pic - TxT
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New Record by U.S. Black Metal sensation Wolves in the Throne Room entitled
Black Cascade has been released by Uki. Find out for yourself if it can hold up the high standarts of their critically acclaimed previous record called Two Hunters.
I personally enjoy those doom metal and ambient variations in their songs very much.

Support these guys!
Genre: Black Metal, Ambient, Doom
Origin: Olympia, WA, United States
Label: Southern Lord
Street: March 30, 2009
Release: March 12, 2009
Length: 49:59 mins
Wolves_in_the_Throne_Room--Black_Cascade-(Southern_Lord)-Promo-2009-UKi Pic - TxT
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New album by German metalcore kids War from a Harlots Mouth for your ears.
If you like -core and everything related to these genres, go ahead and buy this cd.

P.S.: New updates will come pretty soon. Anubis and I apologize for being so lazy these days -
and I think there weren't many good releases to be missed out, anyway ;)
Genre: Metalcore
Origin: Berlin, Germany
Label: Lifeforce Records
Street: April 27, 2009
Release: March 16, 2009
Length: 36:12 mins
War_From_A_Harlots_Mouth-In_Shoals-(Advance)-2009-FNT Pic - TxT
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