Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blacklodge - T/ME (3rd Level Initiation Chamber of Downfall) -2010-BERC

New Blacklodge! Hell, what a title.. changed it a bit for the topic. Original releasename below. Expect some fine Black metal with Electronic/Industrial influences here. Not quite the sound I like, but some of you might find this interesting.
Genre(s): Industrial/Black Metal
Origin: France- (Villard-de-Lans, Rhône-Alpes)
Formed in: 1998
Current label: End All Life Productions
Street: Out!
Release: 26.01.2010
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM - WiKi

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fear_Factory-Mechanize-2010-Ouzo [Nuked]

After 5 years of absence from the scene comes the new Fear Factory record, 2 weeks in advance. It's a a shame that no metalgroup could get their hands on this big CD first, but I've already seen this Ouzo rip gettin nuked for being a reencode, so maybe there will be another rip out. If you don't care, this release should still be listenable in terms of quality.

I don't believe that FF are able to deliver a good sound again, but still, it's a big release and one might as well give it a listen.

Now all we need is a leak of the new Overkill record, which will be out early february, to have the best of early 2010 out ;)

Genre(s): Groove/Industrial Metal.
Origin: United States of America- (Los Angeles, California)
Formed in: 1989
Current label: Candlelight/AFM Records
Street: February 5th, 2010
Release: 23.01.2010
Length: 44:43 mins
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM - WiKi


And another big hit from BERC. New Sigh, which some of you might eagerly be waiting for. Now let's hope they are able to pull of such a great sound as they did with Hangman's Hymn.
The releasedate only counts for the WEB release, the CD will be out next week, so this is another great pre-store release.

Genre(s): Black Metal (early), Post-Black/Avant-Garde Metal (later)
Origin: Japan- (Tokyo)
Formed in:- 1990
Current label:- The End Records
Street: January 19th, 2010
Release: 23.01.2010
Length: 43:16 mins
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM


And the second one of FKK's rips from yesterday. Can't say if this is good, I guess it's for fans only.
Genre(s): Thrash Metal/Thrashcore with Gothic/Doom elements
Formed in: 1993
Current label: Prevision Music/Soulfood
Street: January 15th, 2010
Release: 22.01.2010
Length: 51:17 mins
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM


Some unessential leftovers releasded by FKK yesterday. The first one is the new Mnemic, which is in stores for about a week. Only recommended for fans. No MA entry, so here are just the basics: Mnemic play a mix between Indstrustial and Thrash metal. For more infos, visit the links below.

Releasedate: 22.01.2010
Storedate: about a week ago
Links: MySpace - RYM