Saturday, April 19, 2008


Streetdate: May 27, 2008
Lable: Candlelight
Length: 47:22 mins
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Might be some nice extreme progressive metal, considering the
good reviews for the older record 'The Adversary'.
Guest appearance by Mikael Ã…kerfeldt on track #3.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Amrc gives us the new, highly anticipated record of Los Angeles own TERROR.
What we can expect from The Damned, The Shamed is quite simple:
An energetic compound of thrash metal and hardcore. This album is something like the perfect synthesis between these two genres. You'll either get fast, but yet melodic, guitar riffs, some nice break-downs and the aggressive vocals by Scott Vogel.
Terror even managed to include some guitar solos and some atmospheric interludes.

I am truly amazed by this record. The Damned, The Shamed raises the bar for any hardcore album to come in 2008.

If you like it, buy it. Good records need to be supported!!

  • Lable: Century Media
  • Streetdate: tentively, June 10th, 2008


FNT has released an advanced version of the new Angel Blake album called The Descended.
Just as on their self-titled debut record these five sweds play a nice mixture of Heavy Metal and Dark Metal.
Nice record by the best of the numerous "The Crown"- follow-up bands.
Nothing more to say but: traditional metal fans, as well as gothic/ dark metal fans don´t sleep on this record.

  • Lable: Dynamic Arts Records
  • Streetdate: May 23rd, 2008
  • Playtime: 46:31


-DV8 supplies us with the new Hellacopters record Head Off.
Sadly, this is the final record of the swedish band who pioneered a whole genre during the early 1990´s by mingling elements of either rock ´n´roll, Punk, 60s-/ 70s rock and even metal together.
Although, retreating from their original sound, especially on their most recent releases, the band still manages to kick some ass on Head Off.

A record dedicated rock ´n´ roll fans should not miss out.

I can´t really say if this is a promotional version or some kind of a retail..
However, the scan dv8 has made suggest that it is a promotional version of the record and the release date is set to be April 18th, 2008.

  • Lable: Psychout Records
  • Streetdate: April 18th, 2008.
  • Duration: 35:52


German Math/Grind/Breakcore band 'Time has Come' are back with their new album 'White Fuzz'. Shitty title indeed, and pretty mediocre. Grab it if you are a big grindcore fan.

Playtime: 39:55 mins
Lable: Regain
Street: 22. May 2008
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Normally, I don't post foreign language stuff, but Dornenreich (which could be translated to "Thornrealm" in english) from Austria aren't that lyric-leaning, and the band is quite common in Germany and Austria.
They play a mixture between Ambient and Black.
The new record isn't really that blackish (they always played kinda soft in the past).

The record-title 'In Luft geritzt' could be translated to 'scribed in the air'.
The sound of the Promo is okay, no voice-over or anything annoying, but there will also be an 2CD Ltd. Ed, out on 9. May in germany, which might be ripped.

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New 'Cryptopsy' out today, released by QTX.
It's technical Death-Metal, in case you don't know this band.
Nothing more to say, if you like DM, you might want to listen to it.

Lable: Century

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"True Symphonic Rockestra is an opera-oriented project founded by Dirk Ulrich featuring Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie accompanied by opera tenors Vladimir Grishko and Thomas Dewald.

The idea, dating back to 2000, was to get three world class singers to perform rock versions of the "best of" repertoire of the original Three Tenors (Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and Jose Carreras) combining the operatic elements with metal elements. Finally, in 2006, this idea became a reality, as the recording for the first TSR album was completed in July.

Their first album, Concerto in True Minor, will be released on March 28, 2008 on a new label, a cooperation between Brainrox Records (Germany) & Marisound Records (Russia), with Sony BMG taking care of the distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It will contain 21 songs."

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"Who is Absolution? Absolution is a modern thrash metal band from
Los Angeles, California. For fans of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera and Children of Bodom."

Label: Absolution
Streetdate: 27, march
Playtime: 64:36 mins


Walls of Jericho is a band that stands for Hardcore, normally.
But on their new EP 'Redemption', they tried something different.
It's some sort of Rock and covering old songs, they even covered Bob Dylan's 'House of the Rising Sun' and frontsinger Candace
Kucsulain sings clean most of the time.

So, is this WoJ's new style? No, as I read, they will be playing HC
again on their next Album. This is just an EP for fans.

22:20 mins runtime are okay and if you like some melodic rock
tunes, this might be worth a listen, but don't expect any heavy tunes.

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A true masterpiece from the studio-history of Progressive / Death
metal band 'Opeth' has been released in a remastered edition today.

No bonus-tracks, runtime is the same as the original release from 1999 , too, so no real reason to get this if you already have the non-
remastered. Everyone who doesn't should definitely grab this.

The remastered comes with a bonus dvd, but in the .nfo file FNT
stated that they won't rip it. They'll leave the work for another
group. The 5.1 mix of the album is on disc 2, disc 1 (this rip) is stereo-remastered, only. Face of Melinda (live) isn't included
in this release, too

Now let's hope that the release for their new album 'Watershed'
follows, soon.

Streetdate: 2008-04-15

Official: Here!
Official2: Here!
MySpace: Here!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Don't know much about this band. Only thing I know is that they
play Progressive Rock. The myspace tracks aren't that bad.
Give them a listen if you are in the mood.

Streetdate: February 1, 2008

MySpace: Here!
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Finally, a Proper rip of the new Testament record. Same tracklengths as the previous HDP reencode, but much better quality of course.
240 kbps avg, HDP only hat like 192 avg., it's 20 mb larger, much
louder, cleaner.. better in all aspects.

I don't think that the Retail will be ripped, the advance seems to
be pretty much like the Retail, so grab it now.

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
MySpace: Here!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


MTD gave us the new CDM 'Hidjama' from 'Exinferis', a Death / Metalcore band from Luxembourg.

Don't know why MTD didn't tag it -CDM-, as it obviously is,
but at least the playtime is alright.. 27:41 minutes are enough to
get it if you like this band.

Lable: Rape Of Harmonies Studios
Streetdate: Feb-15-2008

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Guabo from London are back with their new record 'Elixirs'.
The bandmembers are Daniel O'Sullivan (Sunn O))), Aethenor, Mothlite) and David Smith. It's not the drone-metal sound you
would expect from Sunn O)), it's not even really Metal, it's some
sort of Experimental /Progressive / Stoner Rock.

Streetdate: February, 26..
Lable: Neurot Recordings
MySpace: Here!
Amazon: Here!


Looks like MTD has a heart for Candlelight releases, just after the
new 'Disorted' record, they bring us another hot release.
This time it's the new Album 'Warring Factions' by Progressive /
Extreme Metal Band 'Ansur'.

In my opinion, this is an amazing record, an absolutely must-have
for fans of Progressive/Black music or bands like Rush, Akercocke...
Streetdate: 21, april. Go get it when it's out!

Lable: Candlelight
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Official: Here!