Saturday, May 17, 2008


This is a bit older, it was released on 13th this month, but might
still be worthy to get. It's their Debut album and they have a female singer. This is what the nfo says:
"Swedish death/thrash has never sounded this good! Triton Enigma, a new
project featuring members of some of Swedens most prolific bands, Ronnie
LAUGHS NO MORE), and featuring Metallic Kitty (DECADENCE) on vocals. "

Genre: Death/Thrash
Origin: Sweden
Label: Open Grave Records
Street: Out
MySpace: Here!
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Listen up all you doom metal heads out there, this album you might wanna add to your collection.
It´s the new record by U.S. traditional Doomsters The Gates Of Slumber, entitled Conqueror (yes -fnt spells this with an "o" for whatever reason :D ). Anyways, what you find on this album is pure Doom Metal in veins of bands like Candlemass or Trouble. If you dig this sound, as much as I do, i recommend you to get hands on the follow-up to the bands brilliant last effort Suffer No Guilt !

  • Label: I Hate Records
  • Date: May 19th, 2008


There it is, the new Jorn record for all you traditional heavy metal fans out there.
The Album is called Lonely Are the Brave, and as people who relate to this type of metal music, might already know, Jorn is one the best and most versatile vocalist in the genre.
After his split with german power metal band Masterplan he concentrated mostly on his solo projects and his collaboration with Sir Allen Russel (of Symphony X) called simply Allen/Lande.
No great surpises on this record but if you like traditional heavy metal you should probably check this one out!

  • Label: Frontiers Records
  • Date: June 6th, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008


After some p2p versions, finally the real deal of new 'Opeth' record 'Watershed'.
Not much to say about this band that hasn't been said on other blogs before, clean parts overweights on the new record, bit of 'Pink Floyd' influenced, in a good way.
Genre: Progressive Death
Label: Road Runner
Length: 55 mins
Street: June, 3rd
MySpace: Here!
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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Yet another EP from polish Death Metal originators Vader has been released today. Sadly it contains only 3 tracks... nevertheless that´s enough to bridge the time gap till their new full length album.
Fans should get hands on this limited vinyl-ep.

  • Label: Regain Records / Empire
  • Date: No speficic Store Date set (the vinyl is probably a "tour-edition" or it´s just a bootleg...)


Fnt gives us an advanced version of the most recent record by U.S. Melodic Death / Doom Metal Band Daylight Dies, entitled: Lost To The Living.
The record is going to be out on June 24th, 2008 via Candlelight Records.
So watch out!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Genre: Melodic Death
Label: Sakara Records
Length: 45 mins

Street: 14 may 2008
Origin: Finland (Kalajoki)
MySpace: Here!
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Genre: Death
Label: Nuclear Blast
Length: 44 mins
Origin: Canada (Montreal, Quebec)
Official: Here!
MySpace: Here!
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Abysmal Dawn-Programmed To Consume-2008-FNT

"Richard G.: Where a lot of up and coming bands in the death metal scene are too obviously inspired by either CC or MA, the two biggest bands in (US) death metal, this is not at all the case with Abysmal Dawn, newest addition to the scene. This in itself is already quite a neat feat and deserves praise. This opinion was obviously shared by Relapse, as they decided to sign the band pretty quickly after their 2006 Crash-debut 'From Ashes'.
On 'Programmed To Consume' Abysmal Dawn most certainly know how to gain and retain the listeners attention. The ten compositions are kept interesting via influences from thrash as well as black metal, but it is the attention the band paid to creating the
right dark atmosphere (a quality that Immolation also possesses) which lifts the band high above their up and coming peers. Add to that the high technical level of Charles Elliott's guitar playing plus his need to showcase it in virtually every song in a kick-ass solo and you should have reason enough to be checking these guys out! "
Playtime: 37:24 min
Label: Relapse
U.S. Release date: 5/27/2008

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