Sunday, May 18, 2008

Children_Of_ Bodom-...-Reissue-2008-r36

Three older CoB-records have been released as a Re-Issue today
by r36.
Those records are 'Something Wild', originally released in 1997, 'Hatebreeder' from 1999 and 'Follow the Reaper' from 2001.
The Re-Issue bonus tracks, to exactly name them, are:

Something Wild:
08. Children Of Bodom (Original Single Version) (5:12)
09. Mass Hypnosis (7:17)

10. No Commands (4:49)
11. Aces High (4:27)

Follow the Reaper:
10. Hate Me! (Original Single Version) (4:46)
11. Hellion (2:59) (which was on the 2000 Re-Issue, too!)
Label: Spinefarm
Origin: Finland (Espoo)
Store Dates: April, so already out!
Length: Different
Rls Nfo: Children_Of_Bodom-Follow_The_Reaper-Reissue-2008-r36
Rls Nfo: Children_Of_Bodom-Hatebreeder-Reissue-2008-r36
Rls Nfo: Children_Of_Bodom-Something_Wild-Reissue-2008-r36
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