Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Two records from Marduks earlier years have been released as a remastered version
today. Germania is a live album, originally released in 1997, Nightwing is the 5th studio release which came out 1998. The
recordings for Germania where put together from the German leg of the 'Heaven Shall Burn' tour.
Nightwing was produced by Marduk, engineered and mixed by Peter TÃĪgtgren, recorded and mixed at Abyss Studios, Sweden and released through Osmose. Both of these Remastereds however are released through Regain Records now.
Genre: Black
Origin: Sweden (Norrkoping)
Label: Blooddawn Productions/Regain Record
Street: Div
Length: Div
Nfo: Marduk_-_Germania-Remastered_CD-2008-ViC
Nfo: Marduk_-_Nightwing-Remastered_CD-2008-ViC
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