Friday, August 1, 2008


Another one from PTK (which propered -gravewish some hours ago on another EP oO).
After the split-up and the reunion last year, here's the new EP from Abigail Williams, without Zach Gibson, but therefore with Trym (Ex-Emperor) on the drums.
The track 'Flood' that was on their myspace is also included in here.
Genre: Melodic Black/Deathcore
Origin: United States of America (New York City, New York)
Label: Candlelight
Street: Dunno
Length: 17:04 mins
Nfo: Abigail_Williams-In_The_Shadow_Of_A_Thousand_Suns-(Retail_EP)-2008-PTK
MySpace: Here!
MetalArchives: Here!

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Anonymous said...

clearly it is a re-encoded crap downloaded from their Myspace page :D

Retail_EP LOL