Tuesday, August 26, 2008


"From Oceans To Autumn, from slow paced riffs to bone crushing rhythms, ambient interludes and beautiful melodies, From Oceans To Autumn combines experimental metal and psychedelic rock with a spaced out feeling of weightlessness and droned-out atmospheres. Fire On The Horizon return with their most epic work to date, combining trademark melody with intense rhythmic sections. Fire On The Horizon have taken their sound to the next level; adding heavier more uncompromising parts."
Genre: Post Metal/Sludge/Avantgarde/Ambient
Origin: USA (Charlotte, NC)
Label: Forgotten Empire
Street: July 18 2008
Release: 24.08.
Length: 65:38 mins
Nfo: VA-From_Oceans_To_Autumn-Fire_On_The_Horizon-(Split)-2008-FNT
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