Sunday, September 21, 2008


Johan Lindstrand´s (ex- The Crown, Impious) new band One Man Army And The Undead Quartet has got another record out. After their last 2 albums, which were kinda disappointing to me, I hope Lindstrand will be abled to keep up with the good work he did with his legendary Death Metal band "The Crown".
I haven't listened to "Grim Tales" yet, but as I´ve heard it contains voice overs... If you can´t wait for the retail version than grab the qtxmp3 promo release.
And never forget to support the music you like or these guys won´t be here next year.
Genre: Death, Thrash
Origin: TrollhƤttan, Sweden
Label: Massacre Records
Street: October 24th, 2008
Release: September 20th, 2008
Length: 42:26 mins
Nfo: One_Man_Army_And_the_Undead_Quartet-Grim_Tales-Promo-2008-QTXMp3
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM

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