Sunday, October 19, 2008


'Dark Thrones and Black Flags' is the thirteenth album by the Norwegian black metal band, Darkthrone. Released in 2008, the album follows the punk-oriented style introduced on The Cult Is Alive. Don't know if I'm going to listen to this, you know it's Darkthrone, you either hate them or love them.

"The way this album is performed and composed is slightly different from the other Darkthrone releases as Nocturno Culto and Fenriz have shared all the duty from composition to recording with Fenriz composing guitar parts and Nocturno Culto singing on some songs, etc... "
Genre: Death Metal (early) - Black Metal / Crust Punk(now)
Origin: Norway (Kolbotn)
Label: Peaceville Records
Street: October 20th, 2008
Release: 17.10.08
Length: 39:05 mins
Nfo: Darkthrone-Dark_Thrones_and_Black_Flags-2008-BERC
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM

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