Sunday, October 5, 2008


Some rare shit has been pred today by Core of Resistance. This one is a limited-to-300-copy's, brazil-exclusive Split Vinyl from the godfathers of death metal 'Possessed' and 'Morbid Angel'.

Morbid Angel: 3 songs from their demo 'Thy Kingdom Come' from 1987 + Lord of all fevers and plagues.

Possessed: Their first demo 3 songs (before seven churches) (this one I guess) + "Swing of the axe" from Metal Massacre 6 + 2 songs from the 1991 Demo Tape.

It's not my source on the cover it's from the web. COR however didn't provide one as far as I can see, but that is most likely because of security reasons, as the 300 units are numbered.
Genre: Death
Origin: USA
Label: Chapel of Souls
Street: 2005 (read the post for detailed info)
Release: 05.10.08
Length: 35:47 mins
Nfo: Morbid_Angel_-_Possessed-Split-Bootleg-LP-2005-COR
Links: MA Morbid Angel - MA Possessed

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