Saturday, November 22, 2008


FNT are first again on the Retail for new Christian Metalcore band BtA. I loved the last two records, but I'm not completely sure if they can tie to those with Dichotomy. Didn't like the two new songs I've heard on their MySpace. There are two more at MS from this record, so be sure to listen to them first before buying. Produced by Devin Townsend.
"Dichotomy features guest musicians Devin Townsend on "Mountain of Souls", Ryan
Clark on Dichotomy and Suzanne Richter on Deep Heaven."
Genre: Metalcore/Progressive Death
Origin: USA (Atlanta/Dacula, Georgia)
Label: Solid State/Century Media
Street: November 25th, 2008
Release: 22.11.08
Length: 43:17 mins
Nfo: Becoming_The_Archetype-Dichotomy-2008-FNT
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM

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