Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Seance are back? Is two thousand eight the year of Re-Unions? First we had Cynic, who divorced in 1993 and we even saw Guns N Roses Reunite this year, who also dropped their new Retail 15 vears after their last one. Now here's 'Awakening of the Gods' from Seance, first output ever since 'Saltrubbed Eyes' from 1993. Some fine Death-Metal, though it's a bit short, they could've recorded some more tracks after 15 years. Promo come's without VO's. Buy it by the mid of January if you like it.
Genre(s): Death Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Death, Afterlife, Darkness
Origin: Sweden
Formed in: 1990
Current label: Pulverised Records
Length: 36:44 mins
Street: January 19th, 2009
Release: 08.12.2008
My Opinion: 4 / 5
Seance--Awakening_of_the_Gods-Promo-2009-UBE: Pic - TxT
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