Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Mastodon are back with their 5th new full-length.
Reviewers on both pages, MA and Rym, seem to like it very much, and so do I. It's not as confusing and wild as the last record was, but that doesn't matter in my opinion. The songs however improved since 'Blood Mountain'. I think it's well-worth a try for all Mastodon fans as well as for people who didn't like Mastodon's previous work.

There's one other thing that I have to write about. I'm back after month's of blogger-abstinence and hell yeah I missed to post here.. my time was so limited this year. Thanks to you all for being patient with the blog and for coming back here even without much updates. Also thanks to Andrej for many great posts and for keeping the blog so well updated. I'm goint to do some more work here the next days, so more posts and updates on the blog to come. The Nfo's for the appropriate next releases will be on again, too. :)
Genre(s): Technical / Progressive Groove Metal
Origin: United States of America (Atlanta, Georgia)
Formed in: 1999
Current label: Warner Bros./Reprise Records
Street: March 24th, 2009
Release: March.2008
Length: 48:46 mins
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM - WiKi

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