Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A true masterpiece from the studio-history of Progressive / Death
metal band 'Opeth' has been released in a remastered edition today.

No bonus-tracks, runtime is the same as the original release from 1999 , too, so no real reason to get this if you already have the non-
remastered. Everyone who doesn't should definitely grab this.

The remastered comes with a bonus dvd, but in the .nfo file FNT
stated that they won't rip it. They'll leave the work for another
group. The 5.1 mix of the album is on disc 2, disc 1 (this rip) is stereo-remastered, only. Face of Melinda (live) isn't included
in this release, too

Now let's hope that the release for their new album 'Watershed'
follows, soon.

Streetdate: 2008-04-15

Official: Here!
Official2: Here!
MySpace: Here!

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