Friday, June 6, 2008


"In April-May 2008, the band recorded the new disc in Stage One Studios in the city of Borgentreich, Germany. The production was made by Andy Classen who had worked with the Brazilians in the album Conquerors of Armageddon and AssassiNation.
The new album was given the name Southern Storm and the launch in Europe is scheduled for July 21, 2008 via Century Media Records. The disc will bring 12 new tracks and a version for "Refuse/Resist", the classic of Sepultura originally launched in the album Chaos A.D.."
Genre: Brutal Death
Origin: Brazil (IjuĂ­, RS)
Label: Century Media Records
Street: July, 21st
Length: 50:27 mins
Nfo: Krisiun-Southern_Storm-Promo-2008-QTXMp3
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