Saturday, June 7, 2008


Revolution Renaissance is the new band of Timo Tolkki who was guitarist and bandleader of the recently disbanded finnish power metal band Stratovarius.
So you can expect some very melodic and catchy Power Metal from this album.

The record, entitled "New Era", includes the vocal talents of Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween), Tobias Sammet (Edguy / Avantasia) and Pasi Rantanen (Thunderstone) plus Mirka Rantanen (Thunderstone) on drums, Pasi Heikkil√ɤ (45 Degree Woman) on bass and Joonas Puolakka on keyboards.

Genre: Power, Melodic
Origin: Finland, Helsinki
Label: Frontiers Records
Street: June, 6th 2008.
Length: 47:32 mins
Nfo: comming soon
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