Wednesday, October 1, 2008


QTXMp3 didn't mention any streetdate, Metal Archives lists this as 2007, released by Toy's Factory. This QTX release should be the european version, out since September 15th 2008, which is rather late for a promo ;). The Length is the same for both versions, only the japanese one has the bonus track "Stayin' Alive" (Bee Gees cover) on it. I don't know if this is a dupe or if all the groups slept on this one last year, so if you miss this, now's a good chance to get it. It's pretty good in my opinion ;). Three tracks from this record on their MySpace page.
Genre: Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
Origin: Sweden (Göteborg)
Label: VIC Records
Street: August 22nd, 2007
Release: 30.09.08
Length: 32:13 mins
Nfo: Dimension_Zero-He_Who_Shall_Not_Bleed-Promo-2008-QTXMp3
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM

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