Thursday, October 2, 2008


No Idea what's wrong with these lazy releasegroups, don't they even look on Metal Archives what they are going to pre? It's just an EP and the Promo tag is kind of useless, too, cause it's already out in stores half a yeaer ago and most lokely there isn't any difference between the retail, but they could have at least tagged this Promo_EP.. Anyway, thanks to FKK for this otherwise valid release of a, for me previously unknown, Black Metal Band. It's really not that bad, has some good influences from other Genres, so all you open-minded BM Heads should give their MySpace a try.
Genre: Black / Ambient / Jazz / Industrial
Origin: Poland (Gdañsk)
Label: Serpené Héli Music
Street: March 17, 2008
Release: 30.10.08
Length: 25:02 mins
Nfo: Hesperus_Dimension_-_The_Cyclothymic_Panopticon-Promo-2008-FKK
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM

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