Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This months winner of the german magazine 'Rock Hard' is not really Metal at all. More like Classic/Southern rock. BSC are often compared to bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, GnR, Lynyrd Skynyrd... The song writing of Black Stone Cherry is often praised for great storytelling. For example, the song "Lonely Train" is about the effect on families when a relative goes to fight in a war. The song "Rain Wizard" is about a local legend of mysterious wisemen who could bring the rain in times of drought. "Backwoods Gold" is about a local man who ran moonshine out of the hardware store in the middle of Edmonton.

Oh, and if you have seen the 'Sonic Syndicate' post, it's the new form of a mini-post. I'll continue to use this format-style for releases that either aren't that important or just don't really need text because the release speaks for itself. For Sonic Syndicate, it's just the annoying voice-overs that
hindered a full post.
And thanks for the 130 klicks yesterday :D
Genre: Southern / Hard Rock / Post-grunge
Origin: Edmonton, Kentucky, USA
Label: Roadrunner Records
Street: August 19
Length: 52 mins
Nfo: Black_Stone_Cherry-Folklore_And_Superstition-2008-RTB
MySpace: Here!
MetalArchives: No Entry!
RYM: Here!

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