Sunday, August 17, 2008


"DESTRUCTION, OBITUARY and AXEL RUDI PELL members are among the guest musicians who appear on "Agony of Death", the new album from long-running German thrashers HOLY MOSES. Ferdy Doernberg (AXEL RUDI PELL) contributed keyboards and samples, as well as intros and outros, and played slide guitar on "Through Shattered Minds". Ralph Santolla (OBITUARY, DEATH, ICED EARTH, DEICIDE) delivered a brilliantly haunting guitars solo on "World In Darkness" and "Dissociative Disorder", while "Angels In War" features a solo by his OBITUARY colleague Trevor Peres. Then there are guitar solos courtesy of Janos Murri (DARKSIDE, DEMOLITION) on "Imagination" and "Alienation". The album's renowned background vocalists are Henning Basse (METALIUM) on "Schizophrenia", The Wolf (DARKSIDE, DEMOLITION) on Imagination" and Schmier (DESTRUCTION, HEADHUNTER) on "The Cave". And last but not least, there's AGENT."
Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal
Origin: Germany (Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia)
Label: Armageddon Music
Street: Europe: September 29th 2008 / USA: October 07th 2008
Length: 01:09:29 mins
Nfo: Holy_Moses-Agony_Of_Death-Promo-2008-QTXMp3
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