Friday, September 12, 2008


Okay, FNT tricked me, I wasn't quite common with this band, so I really thought they did a Re-Union after the split-up last year, because FNT tagged this Advance EP but they never mention that this is a Re-Issue. Both, this and the other Mendeed from today, have special BBC sessions on it, which in this form where only available in limited form.
By the end of October, we all will have the chance to get our hands on these Tracks.
From the NFO:
'Mendeed are metal magicians. Their signature trick is to bring genres such
as battle, power and thrash metal - under the banner of metalcore. They bring
it off well.' - Rock Sound 8/10

'Its raining riffs the size of boulders. Theres a torrent of melodies and
tornados of angry vocal harmonies. Welcome to a new force of nature. For most
The Dead Live By Love will be a seismic shock. But Mendeed's potential has
been clear for some time now.The first top quality metal album of 2007 ' -
Classic Rock 8/10

'Brutal, youthful speed metal from Glasgow that sounds like unanaesthetised
rottweilers being operated on by backstreet abortionists. But good,
obviously" - NME
"Sarah Jezebel Deva (Therion, Mortiis, Graveworm, Mystic Circle, Cradle of Filth ecc.) did guest vocals on this E.P."
Genre: Melodic Death/Metalcore
Origin: UK (Dumbarton, Scotland)
Label: Nuclear Blast / Rising Records
Street: 2008-10-24
Release: 12.09.08
Length: 36:11 mins
Nfo: Mendeed-From_Shadows_Came_Darkness-(Advance_EP)-2008-FNT
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM

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