Sunday, September 7, 2008


And here it is, the final release of the new Metallica, the release that many sceners will keep for a long time, maybe because of the groupname and it's attitude or just because it's not nuked. If you already have the FJORTiSO release, you can stick with that, too, I guess. It was nuked because it was encoded V0 instead of V2, which oversizes the mp3 a bit, but results in higher bitrates.. however, it's still unclear if the FJORTiSO source was real or if they did reencode it, so if you don't have either of the release, get this one.
Genre: Thrash Metal (early) Modern Rock (now)
Origin: Los Angeles/San Francisco, California
Label: Warner
Street: 12.09.08
Release: 07.09.08
Length: 01:14:42 h
Nfo: Metallica-Death_Magnetic-2008-iH8P2P
MySpace: Here!
MetalArchives: Here!
RYM: Here!

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