Sunday, November 30, 2008


How could this have been missed? it's in stores for a month now, but no group really cared about it. Maybe there was already a Promo around which I missed, but it would've had Voice Over's anyway, like any other Massacre Records Promo. Luckily, GW now brought us a digipag copy of the 8th studio output from Catamenia.
Genre(s): Melodic Dark/Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Darkness, Nature, Occultism, Winter, North, Cold
Origin: Finland
Formed in: 1995
Current label: Massacre Records
Street: October 24th, 2008
Release: 29.11.08
Length: 61:04 mins
Nfo: Catamenia-VIII_The_Time_Unchained-Digipak-2008-GRAVEWISH
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM - WiKi

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LocateBlogger said...

Never heard of it before.The only Finnish band I've know are Norther, Children Of Bodom and Impaled Nazarene.I'm starting to fall in love with this blog.