Sunday, November 30, 2008


More and more cds with 2009-streetdate arrive in the scene, and now GW follow the trend. As shitty as the cds they rip can be sometimes, but once in a while they really get a big hit. This time it's the new Grave Digger records, I'm wondering, sice when do GW have a Napalm Records supply? Nah, not that it really bother's me, because sadly, all tracks except one have Voice Over's, so I'm not going to write much here about this band. Better wait for the retail-post. Instead, I'll tell you what's new on the blog:
As you can see, the Wikipedia link's (if they exist for the band) have found their way to our blog. Also, please note the new Origin-lable. You can now sort the post's by the band's origin, maybe I'll add the lable for some older posts in the future, for now it's just for the new post. Anymore Links/infos you might want to see here? Feel free to write in the comments what's missing in your opinion.
Voice Overs: YES!
Genre(s): Heavy/Speed Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Horror, War, Mythology, European history, Metal
Origin: Germany
Formed in: 1980
Current label: Napalm Records
Street: January 9th, 2009
Release: 30.11.2008
Length: 41:30 mins
Nfo: Grave_Digger-Ballads_of_a_Hangman-Promo-2009-GRAVEWISH
Links: MySpace - MA - RYM - WiKi

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