Tuesday, December 2, 2008


"The third album of Swedish wretched souls of dark metal LIFELOVER. "Konkurs" is a fascinating album that mixes in a perfect solution both the traditional "depressive black metal" roots of the band and their well know more "avantgarde" (somebody says "bizarre"...) elements. Be prepared for a masterpiece. An album that will not be embraced by indifference at all..... as it is simply not possible to remain indifferent to this music."
Genre(s): Black metal/Depressive Rock
Lyrics: Cities, Drugs, Death, Insanity, Dark humor
Origin: Sweden
Formed in: 2005
Current label: Avantgarde Music
Street: October 10th, 2008
Release: 15.10.2008
Length: 59:04 mins
Lifelover-Konkurs-SE-2008-GRAVEWISH: Pastebin - Pic
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