Friday, April 11, 2008


Yep, this isn't the right cover .. couldn't find one for the new record.
I'll replace it as soon as I have it. Bad that HDP didn't include one,
oh wait, I forgot, they couldn't because they reencoded this.

It's not even listed @ amazon .. I think this is a Promo or Advance,
but never ever the retail as HDP tagged it. Maybe even they didn't
know what the source was.

Streetdate is 24. june(!) 2008.

Carnifex is an american Deathcore Band signed to Victory Records by the way.

Playtime: 33:45 mins
MySpace: Here!

/edit: This release sounds like shit! Don't even bother getting this, unless you are a fan of this
band. Volume was put down by -10dB, dunno why the fuck someone would do this.. Be sure
to turn your speakers flat out loud.

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