Thursday, April 10, 2008


Noname group -oNLe (i've never ever heared of 'em..) gave us an interesting Bootleg from polish Black-Metallers 'Sghor' today.
There are no lyrics on this record, which makes me wonder why
the release notes in the .nfo are written in polish..
This has been shared through the p2p networks some weeks ago,
now we have the scene rip of this mixture between Ambient and
Instrumental Black-Metal.
The size of this rip is about 20 mb smaller then the p2p rip, but the
sound quality is okay. According to EncSpot, the rip is scenevalid.

This isn't a must have, but if you are in the mood for such genre-mix, it's worth a listen.

Playtime: 41:23 mins
Streetdate: Already Out!
Lable: Dunno
MySpace: Here!
Official: Here!

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