Wednesday, April 9, 2008


FNT came up with the new 2CD record by Post-Hardcore /
Alternative / Experimental Rock band 'Thrice'.

What we have here is the follow-up of 'Alchemy Index I and II' from
2007, which was really a Hit.

Didn't even know that Vol. III / IV have already been recorded,
streetdate is scheduled for 18. april, btw.

If this is as good as it's predecessor, we have something good
to listen to the next days :)

Only thing that's odd is the really short playtime. 45 minutes for a 2CD release? Oh common',
that would have fit on one CD.. Anyway, let's hope that the sound is alright.

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1 comment:

Andr3j|D3lany said...

This is an amazing record. Just like vol 1 & 2.
definitely worth buying!!