Sunday, April 6, 2008


TRVE gave us an early version of the new EP by Finnish folk/pagan metal band 'Moonsorrow'. Considering that streetdate is 30. april, they didn't even include a coverscan or proof.
It's same in size and bitrate as the p2p version that was floating
around some days ago, as well.
I assume that TRVE stole it, because they often used to trick us in
the past and still have alot of 'reencode' nukes in there groupstats. Let's all hope that I'm wrong, cause this EP is really good.
68 mins playtime is also pretty much for a small 5 track CD.
All of you who liked the long song playtimes from the previous
album will be excited, because the first track is another hot 30 minute track ;)
Rest of the EP is quite standard, covertrack from 'Merciless' and 'Metallica' and 2008 versions
of 'Taistelu Pohjolasta' and 'Hvergelmir'.

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